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Fairy BrewHaHa at the Lucky Nickel Saloon
by Ken Rand

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
211 pages; ISBN: 1594142793

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Fairy BrewHaHa at the Lucky Nickel Saloon
Ken Rand
Five Star, March 2005, $25.95, 211 pp.
ISBN 1594142793

In the Wyoming Territory, Lucky Nickel Saloon owner Mick is ecstatic that a fairy paid for his drink with a gold coin, which enables him to remit the rent owed to his landlady who was threatening him with foreclosure. His spirits plummet when the coin turns to dust. A fairy horde descends on the saloon, causing mayhem and aggravating his regular non paying customers. Former regular Tom Murphy and his mermaid wife Miss Lizzie, who just arrived in town with the circus, join the melee.

Everyone takes refuge under the magic piano to avoid the out of control fairies who intend to rob the circus of their gold so they can make more real gold. They demand Mick serve the only drink that can get them drunk, Fairy BrewHaHa, but he doesn’t remember how to make it because he and the fairy King J.R. Ewing were drunk when he concocted it. Mick’s girlfriend makes a deal with the fairies that will solve everyone’s needs. The fairies will get the drink they want and a gold coin so they can make more gold coins; Mick will receive three gold coins a week for a supply of Fairy BrewHaHa. Now he must remember the ingredients and find a gold coin from all his mooching regulars.

This wacky, wild and wonderful urban fantasy takes place in the Wild West but instead of cavalry fighting Indians; fairies are fighting humans. Readers will chuckle out loud out with the snappy repartees and the zany situations that arise when two different species occupy the same space. Ken Rand is a grand storyteller whose historical urban fantasy will gather him a huge fan base.

Harriet Klausner


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