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Heart of Thornton Creek
by Bonnie Leon

Category: Fiction / Historical
344 pages; ISBN: 080075896X

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Heart of Thornton Creek
Bonnie Leon
Revell, 2005, $12.99, 344 pp.
ISBN: 080075896X

In 1871 Boston, feisty independent socialite Rebecca Williams meets Aussie Daniel Thornton. He courts her and proposes. Though she has some doubts about dealing with relocating to Australia and not loving Daniel, she accepts because she is fond of him, respects his kindness towards people and lacks money to maintain her current American lifestyle; she hopes to one day love her husband and looks forward to increased freedom Down Under.

The married couple moves to his family’s cattle station in Queensland, Australia. There the self-reliant Rebecca runs into problems with Daniels’ father Bertram, the iron-fisted patriarch who controls everyone including her husband through his contention of divine commission. She is not what Bertram had in mind for his daughter-in-law as he prefers barefoot, pregnant and fear of brimstone not a spirited defiant Yank.

This character driven historical tale will grip the audience once Rebecca and Bertram meet. The triangular lead trio all feels frustration with one another. Rebecca, who anticipated increased freedom away from home, feels thwart and restricted; Daniel feels yanked in opposite direction by the two most important people in his life; while Bertram thinks a female serpent has entered the station. Together, they make for a deep look at clashing cultures in the opening saga of the Queensland Chronicles.

Harriet Klausner


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