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by Mary Wright & Bill Megenhardt (Illustrator)

Category: Fiction / General
32 pages; ISBN: 0-9645493-4-4

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Norman Goldman


Reviewed by Lily Azerad-Goldman, artist/author in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

In a few simple words, Mary Wright has conveyed a feeling of love, intimacy, friendship and closeness between a grandmother and her grandson.

GRANDMA SPOILS ME is written from the point of view of the grandson, Henry. The youthful bespectacled grandmother seems to read her grandson like an open book. She understands his frustrations and his secret desires.

Whenever he stays at his grandma, life is trouble-free. Henry does not have to fear discipline, and he knows deep down that grandma is spoiling him. Not by buying him things, but by sharing “forbidden” acts, as eating ice cream for breakfast!

Considerable effort has gone into the design and illustration of GRANDMA SPOILS ME.
Bill Megenhardt’s colors and characters exploit the drama of the turning page. It is as if we enter the land of gentle giants. His characters are huge and fill up double pages in primary colors.
The spectacles on grandma do not make her look old at all. On the contrary, she looks like a very young lady, whereas Henry looks a bit distorted at times.

Bill Megenhardt has created brilliant scenes and fantastic characters that nearly leap off the page. The large type and enormous illustrations make this an easy to read book and will attract many young readers.




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