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Myrren’s Gift
by Fiona McIntosh

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
576 pages; ISBN: 0060747560

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Myrren’s Gift
Fiona McIntosh
Eos, Mar 2005, $14.95, 576 pp.
ISBN: 0060747560

Wyl’s father, General of the Legion, died in combat fighting for his monarch. Though only fourteen and in training for his father’s former position, Wyl Thirsk nominally heads the Morgravia military and vows loyalty to King Magnus. The heir to the throne Prince Celimus detests the country bumpkin Wyl because he hates his sire who loves the lad.

When Myrren of Baelup rejects the advances of one of Celimus’ friends, she is arrested, tortured, and condemned to death as a witch. Though having no power, Myrren refuses to confess although tortured to the extreme. While Celimus laughs, Wyl ends the travesty. Celimus warns Wyl there will be a day of reckoning between them.

Celimus becomes the King when Magnus dies, ruling Morgravia with a torturous hand. However, he must get rid of his moral General so he has Wyl murdered. Instead of dying, Wyl finds his mind left his corpse and entered the body of his killer. He will soon learn that Myrren had one power that she bestowed on him to switch bodies when his present host is killed. Now he has to fix a world gone crazy starting with its egomaniacal leader although everyone loyal to General Thirsk saw his corpse.

MYRREN’S GIFT is an excellent fantasy that hooks the audience even before Wyl and Celimus meet for the first time. The exciting story line never slows down until the climax yet Fiona McIntosh insures her key characters especially Celimus and Wyl seem complete so that the rivalry comes across even stronger to the audience. Readers will cherish this fine saga and look forward to future epics in Morgravia and its neighbor Briavel.

Harriet Klausner


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