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When Your Heart Seeks the Sky
by Wang Jian Published by Authorhouse

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
88 pages; ISBN: 1418485985

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Swamy


When Your Heart Seeks the Sky by Wang Jian is a
fabulous book, the story of how a spirit finds its
true nature. Written as a fable, it is the moving and heartwarming story of a bald eagle, who was raised as a chicken, but who finds his true nature and regains his rightful place in God's creation. A very heart warming story, it has all the elements that touch you, all the values that help you find your true self.

This book is a good read for children of all ages,
since there is always a child in each of us, a child, who had dreams, whose dreams have not yet become a reality. It is the birth right of every soul to dream, but to make the dream a reality, one has to take the trouble of going through a spiritual renewal, a painful but necessary process. Wang Jian holds your attention at every page, nay, every line.

Read it for simple entertainment, if you prefer. But read it, with sincerity, read it between the lines, for the real message of spiritual renewal, that the book is really about. And then, go for it. Go for fulfilling your own dream! Learn to soar!

I would in short sum up the book as Very heart-warming, Highly Symbolic and Spiritual.


Buy When Your Heart Seeks the Sky at
Buy When Your Heart Seeks the Sky at


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