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by Norah Lofts

Category: Fiction / Historical
285 pages; ISBN: 0891902252

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannine Van Eperen


Norah Lofts
285 pages
This is a story of a house built in 1577 in South Suffolk, England. The tale spans centuries, ending in 1953. This is not only the story of a house but of the varied and interesting people who built and inhabited the dwelling. A young, retiring sea captain, Tom Rowhedge, has the house built for him, from plans drawn by a young man of the nearby village. The young man’s uncle takes on the job of overseeing the building and doing the woodwork. Later, the building, called Merravay, is thought to be haunted by Alice Rowhedge who was thought to be a witch and some people hear her laugh and the sounds of the stallion she rode across the fields. Some find there are unusually cold places within the mansion that give them the willies. Others find the place charming and yearn to live in it, reveling in the artistry of the staircase and other carved woodwork. From the time of Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II we follow the ups and downs of the inhabitants of Merravay and the surrounding area.

BLESS THE HOUSE is an old book, copyrighted in 1954. (My book does not have an ISBN noted, but I took the ISBN from I read it years ago and Norah Lofts became my favorite author of all time. I thought I owned and read all of her books but I keep discovering a few I haven’t read on eBay from time to time. I checked before deciding to write a review of this work, and it is still offered on Norah Lofts did a simply wonderful job bringing the house and its inhabitants to life, and creating an atmosphere one doesn’t wish to leave. I was sorry when the book ended. I hated to put it back on my bookshelf where it has been for many years. There is a coziness about Lofts’ writing. Bad things happen to people but without the blood and gore of today’s writers. All the characters are interestingly and thoughtfully assembled I hope those who haven’t read Norah Lofts’ books read my review and discover the charm and pleasure of reading her work. No one else can write of England with the same warmth and attention to detail as Norah Lofts. Re-reading BLESS THIS HOUSE was a joy.




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