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The Soul Weaver
by Carol Berg

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
480 pages; ISBN: 0451460170

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Soul Weaver
Carol Berg
Roc, Feb 2005, $7.99, 480 pp.
ISBN 0451460170

While Karon rules in Avonor on the world of Gondai, a place where magic is practiced openly; his wife Seri and their son Gerik live on the mundane world of Valleorn, where magic is stamped out whenever the anomaly appears. Gerick recovers from being held prisoner by the lords of Zhev’Na, powerful evil sorcerers. They hoped to break Gerick and make him one of them but his parents rescued him.

In Avonor, Karon battles the Lords of Zhev’Na, a war that has been going on for a millennium. The only time he sees his wife and son is when he crosses D’Arnath’s Bridge that links the two worlds. He takes Gerick to Avonor for a day and returns him to his mother. Not long afterward Karon believes Gerick betrayed his plans to the Lords.

Gerick crosses the bridge into a new world whose people say he is their rightful king. He cares for these people, damaged, broken, but kind. Still he knows he must leave them to so he can root out the traitors that counsel his father. He also wants to use his knowledge to help Karon put an end to the Lords and bring peace to a world that knows only war.

Carol Berg is one of those rare and talented fantasists who has the ability to create worlds out of her imagination, populates them with tortured but likeable characters and place them in realms that feel believable. After reading THE SOUL WEAVER readers will feel as if they have gone through an emotional wringer having empathized with the three main characters. This exciting finale brings to a close one of the best fantasy series in a long time.

Harriet Klausner


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