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The Only One Club
by Jane Naliboff

Category: Fiction / Self-help
32 pages; ISBN: 0972922539

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Christine Louise Hohlbaum


The Only One Club Puts It All Into Perspective

"The Only One Club" is a delightfully refreshing take on individuality in
the American classroom. Without attempting to be politically correct, author
Jane Naliboff offers her readers a realistic context to discuss diversity
without the typical exclusion that takes place when differences are a part
of the equation. Naliboff underscores each of our unique qualities without
preference for one over the other.

The main character, Jennifer, is the only Jewish child in her class. She
emphasizes her uniqueness by founding her own club, "The Only One Club." As
the other classmates aren't allowed to join, Jennifer notices how inclusion,
not exclusion, is the true solution to her dilemma of wishing to be
separate, but equal. She seeks each classmate's individual attribute and
offers a membership to each one of them for being the "only one" to possess
a certain quality.

"The Only One Club" is a celebration of difference within a group setting.
In the end, each person is allowed to celebrate his unique qualities --
together with everyone else. I strongly recommend this book for its
readability and its high quality treatment of a difficult subject.

Christine Louise Hohlbaum, American expat author of Diary of a Mother
(2003) and SAHM I Am (forthcoming), currently resides with her family near
Munich, Germany.


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