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By Summer’s End
by Pamela Morsi

Category: Fiction / General
384 pages; ISBN: 0778321398

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


By Summer’s End
Pamela Morsi
Mira, Feb 2005, $6.99, 384 pp.
ISBN: 0778321398

When the job or the boyfriend dried up, Dawn accompanied by her two children hit the road and moved on to the next “Sonny”. However, her thirteen years old daughter Dakota notices that this time it is different as Dawn for the first time back tracks and heads to her hometown of Knoxville; Dakota’s older sister Sierra fails to see anything unique on this trek until they reach their destination.

Dawn pleads with her mother-in-law Sephrona to allow her two grandchildren to spend the summer with them because she is ill. Sephrona blames Dawn for the death of her son thirteen years ago; if he had not impregnated her and then married her, he would have been at university instead of logging when the tree fell on him. Still Sephrona forced by her spouse, who wants time with his grandchildren, reluctantly takes in the three women. Will love or hate rule this summer in which everyone struggles to adjust, but health becomes the key issue as grandpa and Dawn have threatening ailments.

This engaging character study focuses in on an ensemble cast though the youngest player serves as the prime narrator. The family drama works on several levels as each sees the relationships quite differently. Pamela Morsi displays her talent so by the novel’s end fans will appreciate that the four women, grandpa and even the canine Rocky Dog have unique personalities that remain consistent. This is a fine tale that showcases the relative strengths of love vs. hate on indivudals.

Harriet Klausner


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