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Chasin It
by Tony Lindsay

Category: Fiction / Crime
248 pages; ISBN: 0974363677

Rating: 1/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


This is not a book I would recommend spending a lazy summer afternoon reading. It is a dark story about a black man turning tricks as a woman, being strung out on drugs, living in terrible conditions and stealing money from a street gang. I don’t find a “moral in the story” or any other redeeming qualities to recommend it to others. It is a depressing read.

None of this came out in the synopsis written on the back cover. This bit of writing gave you the impression you would be reading about a female. Not true. It talks of “right of passage” which by the way the book ends could be true.

To give the author his do, the writing itself was well done but the story line was little more than what you can read in the newspapers today. I haven’t read any other titles by Tony Lindsay and can only hope his other books have more class and are less dark in nature.



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