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by Tim Cockey

Category: Fiction / Mystery
355 pages; ISBN: 0786867132

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


After reading the first four pages, I was HOOKED. I thought if the rest of the book was as intriguing as those few pages, I would not be able to put the book down until I discovered “Who Done It”. And, I was right. I also thought the plot was going to be a simple one where the reader discovers who killed the victim. Boy! Was I wrong! The plot was a spider’s web of intrigue. There was more than one murder to learn about and plenty of characters to keep you guessing on who killed who.

The first victim was found with a knife in his back. Between his wife, daughter, son and mother, the less than normal family was discovered. The man’s love letters were found in his library and they were not written to his wife. Ah ha, another possible killer. The story had dead people who are frozen into a sitting position, bright orange burial caskets, a nursing home where the patient are starting to complain about their care, seagulls, a pet dog and a few broken ribs, not to mention an ex-wife who our lead character was still on friendly terms.

The wisecracking which ran throughout the book, reminded me of the 1940’s stereotypical private eye. It was wonderfully refreshing and gave the reader a laugh at every turn. The lead character’s job was also not one normally associated with someone who “snoops”. He was a funeral director in partnership with his Aunt. Right up until the very last pages, I had no idea who created all the mayhem. Oh, I had chosen early on who I thought was responsible but then I changed my mind as I read on and continued changing my mind the farther I read.

I noted that Tim Cockey as written four other books based on the lead character. I was sorry I hadn’t read them but they will be on my list of books to read. Grab a copy of Backstabber and you will be in for a wonderful adventure of Who Done It.



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