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A Wizard in a Feud
by Christopher Stasheff

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
206 pages; ISBN: 0312866747

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Herkimer, the computer system that controls his space ship, informs Magnus D’Armand and his traveling companion Alea that a malfunction is occurring within the CPU. Memory is failing so rather than risk the problem spreading into the life support systems, Magnus heads to the nearest planet that can support Terran life, an apparent lost colony that Herkimer cannot recall from the database.

Because of the price on his head, Magnus becomes Gar Pike in case the isolated inhabitants of Oldeira has a SCENT or two on this planet, remote as that possibility seems. Upon landing, Herkimer’s the problem rectifies itself sending a chill up Magnus’ spine due to the speed and timing of the correction. On the planet, Gar and Alea begin to meet the local population starting with fairies. Soon the duo realizes that the planet abounds with feuds between clans reminiscent of Old Earth’s Scottish squabbles. As Gar and Alea try to spread peace and democracy among the people, someone else seems to be evanescently manipulating the scenario from the shadows.

The head wizard of the galaxy Christopher Stasheff provides his myriad of fans with the latest Rogue Wizard novel. A WIZARD IN A FEUD is a delightful story that takes outer space travelers Magnus and Alea into a seventeenth century Scottish environment with otherworldly creatures to spice up the environs (and plot). Though fans will want the personal relationship between Magnus and Alea to pick up steam, The Wizard In Spite of Himself crowd will enjoy Mr. Stasheff’s latest fantasy.

Harriet Klausner


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