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Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom
by Teresa Saari

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
235 pages; ISBN: 1-4120-1642-8

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannine Van Eperen


Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom
Teresa Saari
ISBN: 1-4120-1642-8
235 pages
Trafford Publishing

Imogene is taken to her Aunt Agnes by her mother when she is five years old. Her mother tells her that though she loves her very much she must leave, but she will return in five years. Her mother gives her a pendant of dolphins. Though Imogene misses her mother and father, she knows her mother would never lie to her and does her best to get along with her odd Aunt Agnes. Her aunt is not mean to her but has rigid rules and uncomfortable furniture. Sampson, the butler is always kind to the girl.

When Imogene reaches the age of ten, Sampson tells her it is all right for her to swim in the ocean, a feat always denied her by her aunt even though they live by the water.. Imogene, who is an excellent swimmer, goes into the Pacific. It seems that the dolphin pendant her mother gave her is leading her farther and farther out. Little does Imogene know that a new life for her is just beginning, a life where she is a princess in a hidden kingdom and where her parents rule. Imogene finds that the man, Sampson, is much more than a butler and had been in her Aunt Agnes home to guide and watch out for her. But all does not go completely well. Her father’s uncle who had been banished as ruler returns. Somehow Imogene, along with her new friends, must find a way to bring peace to the Kingdom of the Pacific..

Teresa Saari writes a fantasy that will keep those from ten to adult turning pages and falling in love with vivacious Imogene, who appears to be an average child of this world, but we find belongs to another. Ms. Saari leaves no stone unturned as she describes this fantasy world and the people in it. Any questions that I may have had while reading were all answered to my satisfaction.

Jeannine Van Eperen


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