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The Threshing Floor
by E. L. Noel

Category: Fiction / Historical
268 pages; ISBN: 1-55404-193-7

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


The Threshing Floor is the story of Sir James Greybold of Glastonbury, Knight of the Weeping Tiger, Commander of the Knights, Jerusalem. This story is set during the Crusades in Palestine, 1187 AD. Greybold is a Templar Knight with a sorted family history. In spite of his past, Greybold is an honourable man and a renowned, defiant fighter. Greybold never runs away from a fight no matter how bad impossible the odds and never abandons his men no matter what the situation. It is these honourable and stubborn qualities that get Greybold into trouble as the man follows his leader into one impossible battle after another, ransoms himself to his most hated enemy for his men, and takes on an impossible quest to deliver a mysterious cargo to Krac des Chevaliers.

The Threshing Floor is a well written fictional account of one man’s experience during the Crusades. This book is full of realistic battle scenes, dramatic accounts of what happens after these battles, and entertaining quests. The storyline is smooth and filled with several interesting dramatic twists and turns. However, the best part of this book is the well developed medley of characters ranging from greedy uncaring leaders willing to sacrifice men for power through those individuals following their code precisely no matter what the consequences to those willing to risk their lives for what is right. Together, these characters add important depth and realism to the storyline.



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