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Heir of Stone
by S.L. Farrell

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
468 pages; ISBN: 0756402549

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Heir of Stone
S.L. Farrell
Daw, Jan 2005, $24.95, 468 pp.
ISBN 0756402549

Lamh Shabhala is the master cloch (a magical stone) that gives its wearer tremendous power. Jenna MacEgan is the First Holder and the queen of the Irish Thuaildh hated and feared by the royals who resent the power she wields over them even though they possess clochs albeit weaker ones than Jenna. The aristocracy also detests her daughter Meriel the healer because she heals many commoners instead of her own kind.

Jenna’s brother Doyle believes he should be First Holder and King; he enters into a conspiracy that successfully kills Jenna and Meriel and other family members except Sevei, Kayne and Ennis. Sevei wears Lamh Shabhala while her uncle is crowned king. The commoners revolt because they know he killed their beloved Meriel. While Civil War threatens the kingdom, the Arruk,, sentient monsters with powers equal to the cloch wearers are ready to attack the humans. If the humans fail to band together under the command of Kayne who wields the power of a strong Cloch and has fought the Arruk, they will suffer death and an end to their empire. Sevei joins the battle but it is hard for her since Ennis fights on the side of the Arruk.

HEIR OF STONE is an action packed swords and sorcery novel and the best of the marvelous cloud mages series. The battles scenes are every bit as exciting and imaginable as those found in THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Kayne is the character that is most dynamic as he changes from a warrior to a great leader of armies. The political intrigues and plots are a different kind of warfare where everyone loses. S.L. Farrell has written a series that rivals the works of Terry Brooks.

Harriet Klausner


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