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Past the Size of Dreaming
by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
342 pages; ISBN: 0-441-00802-X

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Paul Lappen


This is a continuation of the story of Matilda (Matt) Black, a wandering witch with the ability to converse with inanimate objects, like roads, cars and toy soldiers, and Edmund Reynolds, a young man with powers of his own. They return to the haunted house that was a refuge for Edmund and his friends while growing up. House tells Matt that she and Edmund must find the long-scattered group of friends and bring them back together, for there is an evil force upon the land, a force that has them in its sights.

Deirdre, now a veterinarian, is the "normal" one of the group, untouched by magic, but still seems to have acquired a coyote spirit. Julio tangled with the evil force, a man named Cross who wants the group as his slaves, years ago. Over the intervening time, he became Lia, a female musician. Tasha and terry are twin sisters whose powers revolve around the elements of Air and Fire. Nathan is the occupant of House; actually he is a ghost who can leave the premises only through a seance.

House also brought the group together for another reason; just before the final battle with Cross and his slaves, it asks the group's help in fulfilling a wish it has had for a long time.

I loved this book. The writing is lyrical, almost poetic, there is just the right amount of strangeness in the story, and the author does a great job making the characters into real people. Along with its prequel, *A Red Heart of Memories*, this is a wonderful piece of writing.


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