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The Last Year of Being Married
by Sarah Tucker

Category: Fiction / General
272 pages; ISBN: 0373250789

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Last Year of Being Married
Sarah Tucker
Red Dress, Dec 2004, $12.95, 272 pp.
ISBN: 0373250789

In London though they had quite a lengthy courtship, their marriage started off badly when a drunken Sarah informs her spouse Paul that she had an affair while they were engaged. Over the next few years, Paul rarely had conjugal visits with his wife though three plus years ago on vacation together they did produce a son Ben. However, Paul decides he has enough of marriage to Sarah and informs her that he wants a divorce. He calmly asks for Sarah to move out and take her son with her.

Sarah is stunned by the D revelation having weathered storms for seven married years and five courtship years with Paul. She turns to finance advisor Kim Bradshaw who tells her to stay put and make Paul leave as he is filing and he refuses the kid. As Sarah adjusts to THE LAST YEAR OF BEING MARRIED, her solicitor tries to insure she and Ben come out of this quite nicely.

Sarah Tucker provides a deep look at divorce from the perspective mostly of the female protagonists in this sequel to THE LAST YEAR OF BEING SINGLE. However, the story line at times feels repetitive as Sarah tells her friends and solicitor the same anecdotes that she places in her diary. Still this fine chick lit tale offers a solid look at the decline of a relationship that has no happily ever after.

Harriet Klausner


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