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Animal Snackers (childrens book)
by Betsy Lewin

Category: Fiction / Education
0 pages; ISBN: 0-8050-6748-5

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Kevin Tipple


Using colorful pictures and text, this updated children’s book for readers age 4-8 is sure to captivate adults and children alike. Everyone knows what humans eat. But what do the animals eat? As the author puts it in rhyme at the beginning:

“Just Imagine

Imagine if we all could eat/nothing but our favorite treat, /eating where and when we’re able, / never seated at a table.”

From learning that Gorillas prefer bamboo, that Koala’s will only eat eucalyptus leave, to the tickbird that eats pests off the Rhino’s back, we find out some of the items that various birds and animals like to eat. The information is present in small rhyming poems of four lines using simple words that children can understand.

At the same time, with the rhyming text on one side, there are colorful illustrations on the facing pages featuring the animal or bird described in text. Painted by the author, the illustrations are vibrant and colorful in a friendly way with no creatures being depicted in a frightening way. Like the text, which is cheerful and bright, so are the illustrations.

To further enhance the reading experience for the young child, there are small definitions of the twelve creatures covered in the book at the back. Listed in alphabetical order, each animal or bird is briefly described as it its natural habitat and some characteristics. The definitions serve as an exclamation point on this wonderful children’s book.

Book Facts:

Animal Snackers
By Betsy Lewin
Henry Holt and Company
ISBN # 0-8050-6748-5
$15.95 US
$22.95 Canada

Kevin R. Tipple © 2004



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