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by Laura Crum

Category: Fiction / Mystery
240 pages; ISBN: 0312271816

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In Santa Cruz County, California, Veterinarian Dr. Gail McCarthy feels depressed about her personal life since her boyfriend Lonnie Peterson left town. Her work has not helped her mood and dating Clay Bishop fails to pick her out of her gloom. She does make a new friend, artist Nicole Deveraux, but the circumstances under which they first met are nasty. Someone tied up Nico's docile mare and apparently "raped" the horse, leaving behind a substance that looks like semen. Because the European Nico is an illegal alien, she rejects calling the police.

Gail's friend Kris Griffith becomes the owner of the second horse victim as her mare is sexually abused and her daughter knocked out. This time the police are called and verify the fluid left behind is semen. Apparently, the culprit is becoming more compulsive and the question is whether women will be next and if yes will he kill to remain hidden?

BREAKAWAY spends most of the plot following Gail as she battles with depression. The who-done-it does not form until two-thirds of the tale is finished. Thus, Laura Crum's novel is more of a character study with even the mystery tying back to GailĂ­'s present psychological woes. If you prefer an Affirmed - Alyder horse race, this is not your Triple Crown winner. However, fans that enjoy a leisurely paced horse ride will want to read BREAKAWAY.

Harriet Klausner




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