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The Blue Ribbon Day
by Katie Couric

Category: Fiction / General
32 pages; ISBN: 0-385-50142-0

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Norman Goldman


How do you help a disappointed child? How would you restore his self-confidence?
Katie Couric deals with this topic in a very entertaining, straightforward way with her “Blue Ribbon Day” that is enhanced with the illustrations provided by Marjorie Priceman.

“The Blue Ribbon Day” could have been a moralistic lesson in life were it not for Katie Couric’s wit and “cool” verse as well as her understanding of pre-teen lingo.
This is the second children’s book by Newswoman NBC-TV’s Katie Couric. Her writing reflects her bubbly, warm, no-nonsense TV personae.

Best friends Ellie and Carrie try out for the school soccer team. The two girls are very disappointed when Carrie is not selected along with Ellie. With Carrie’s mom, and her friend Lazlo’s help, Carrie overcomes her disappointment, discovers what she excels at, enabling her to win The Blue Ribbon!
Boosting Carrie’s self-esteem and perception is the loving help of her mom and friends! What better example to set for an insecure child!

Marjorie Priceman has succeeded in matching Katie Couric’s words to perfection.
Her illustrations are fresh and tender, somewhat “cartoonish.” Her use of primary colors on a white background conveys the importance of the characters. They make you smile at some of the innocent pranks that children pull in a group setting (Science Fair pages!).
The book jacket is also very attractive with its bright yellows and reds.

“The Blue Ribbon Day” is for every reader, young or old, who has to cope with disappointment or rejection. You never know what you’re good at until you try!

The above review was contributed by: Liliane Azerad-Goldman, Artist and Author Bookreviewer for


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