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R.A. Salvatore Presents Everquest: The Rogue's Hour
by Scott Ciencin

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
298 pages; ISBN: 1593150202

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


R.A. Salvatore Presents Everquest: The Rogue's Hour
Scott Ciencin
CDS, Oct 2004, $19.95, 298 pp.
ISBN: 1593150202

Fears grow with justifiable cause. The magically contained malevolent Dragon of World’s End will be released by evil necromancers, wizards, and shadowknights who have obtained the last object they need to bring forth the scourge.

In Southern Qeynos, a stranger stops Sizemore the Red and Bully Duetchmar from acting stupidly by preventing their assault on a woman. Afterward, the stranger admits to the lady that he has no idea who he is or anything else. Using the name Rileigh he flees by sea from a necromancer and a shadowknight. Rileigh finds others trying to kill or ally with him on his great quest that he seems to be the only one not to know what it is. Quickly concluding that he cannot trust friend or foe, Rileigh wonders if his greatest enemy is his own past as he hunts for four objects of power that once chained the deadly dragon even as he wonders if he switched sides and released the killing beast.

Obviously taken from the interactive online fantasy game, R.A. SALVATORE PRESENTS EVERQUEST: THE ROGUE'S HOUR is a terrific epic saga starring a delightful hero who keeps his sense of humor throughout his dangerous adventures. Those not familiar with the Everquest Universe will enjoy the tale as Rileigh will remind readers of Hans Solo in a fantasy realm. The support cast makes the universe seem genuine or brings out the good and bad of the reluctant champion. Targeting gamesters, other genre readers will appreciate the tale and seek other works by Scott Ciencin (see the Charmed LUCK BE A LADY or the Angel NEMESIS)

Harriet Klausner


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