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Bubbles A Broad
by Sarah Strohmeyer

Category: Fiction / Mystery
288 pages; ISBN: 0-525-94798-1

Rating: 2/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


I was all set for a wonderful murder mystery with a gal as the lead character. Instead, I got a mystery that is strictly for “chicks” as any guy reading it wouldn’t have a clue as to what was being said. It was written in all the chatter of a 60’s “Bobbie-Sox-er”. Since I haven’t been in the 60’s for 40 years, I felt it was a very dated novel.

The main character, Bubbles Yablonsky, is the stereo-typical dumb blonde, high heel wearing with hair piled a mile high. A former hairdresser (another stereo-typical characterization in that the only job a dumb blonde girl can hold is a hairdresser) turned newspaper reporter, Bubbles is on a case of Carol Weaver. Carol has been sent to prison for murdering her husband. Carol turns up at Bubbles home pleading she has been framed. That night, Bubbles finds someone shooting at her bed. In rushes, Bubbles wealthy, “hunk” of a boyfriend to rescue her. Does any of this remind anyone of when women were only thought of as having to have a man to take care of her?

I am guessing the author isn’t one of those women who are as ditzy as Bubbles because she has published three other novels before this one. The characters are corny and the story something that I think of as writing of my teenage years. There is also slang, or I am guessing it is, that I have no understanding of. For example, “You still shook up from this morning, say?” What does the say mean? Slang, I hope as it does nothing for the sentence.

The only reason to finish reading this novel is to find out who done it and if Bubbles can actually do something adult in her life such as have a relationship with her boyfriend. Unless you have something better to do on a cold winter’s night, this is the book to read to prevent boredom.



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