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Six Hours Past Thursday
by Jack Payne

Category: Fiction / Historical
304 pages; ISBN: 1-59113-493-5

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Six Hours Past Thursday is the story of Steve Draves. To outsiders, Steve is a loving husband and successful Broker at Commercial Opportunities Unlimited in Chicago. However, there’s more to Steve Draves than meets the eye. Steve is a drunken womanizer with a sexy wife, a few girlfriends, and a couple of potential dates. Moreover, Commercial Opportunities Unlimited is a front for several schemes, side payoffs, and outright shady deals. Steve wants it all and it looks like he’s about to get everything he’s every wanted.

Six Hours Past Thursday is an entertaining look into the world of greed and sin as seen in 1966. The character of Steve Draves is both complex and deep. Furthermore, the assessment of this character is completed without limiting internal dialogue to politically correct models. Furthermore, all of the other characters are coloured by Steve’s image of these people. This is especially true of the women who tend to be seen as brainless sex objects who exist only for Steve’s pleasure. These extremely frank aspects of this story allow the reader valuable insight into the mind of this highly flawed character while enjoying a laugh or two at his expense.



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