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The Rod of Iron
by Robert G. Barbaria

Category: Non-fiction / Religion
383 pages; ISBN: 1-929400-45-4

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe



Author: Robert G. Barbaria

“The ROD OF IRON spoken of throughout the scriptures of the bible refers to-- the Word of GOD.”

Robert G. Barbaria, author of Revealing the Bible’s Truth now introduces The Rod of Iron, a book written to enlighten and awaken all seeking to understand the Word of GOD. The series contains three books reflecting spiritual understanding and moving the spirit to a higher level. The author recommends reading the series in order to obtain the full benefit.
Readers of the first book will be familiar with Mr. Barbaria’s unique text and format style. The book contains several anomalies in text and presentation. Throughout the book we are confronted with type changes, odd phraseology and unusual word usage. Apparently the author has done this intentionally to magnify the effect of the Word of God and the true message to Spirit.
The book discusses in depth many controversial subjects: Parallel dimensions, life elsewhere in the Universe, Angels, Heaven, the END and the Destiny of Mankind, opening the mind of the reader to new and unperceived possibilities.
Chapter five-The Significance of Numbers is a complicated and sometimes intense chapter, however it is worth the effort to gain greater insight into the workings of GOD and his universe.
Look into the scriptures as they are revealed to you page after page. Never before has the TRUTH been exposed, explained and revealed in such intense, prophetic ways. Robert Barbaria is bringing TRUTH to the masses, if only they will seek to know it.
There will be some that will scorn the book and the information found within, however those seeking the TRUTH with an open mind and a willing Spirit will find this series an instrumental part of their journey. Watch for the last book in the series: Revelation the Fourth Son.

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Reviewer: Shirley Roe



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