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Runt the Brave
by Daniel Schwabauer

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
220 pages; ISBN: 0-9742972-1-6

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


Author: Daniel Schwabauer

Since JaRed is so much smaller than the other mice in the underground city of Tira-Nor, he is constantly teased and tormented by his older siblings. He has been called “Runt” all his life, even by adults, and has grown to expect nothing better.

However, according to TaMir, the Seer of Tira-Nor, JaRed is destined for greater things. While JaRed is dismayed by this revelation, his older brother HaRed is jealous, and vows to get even.

JaRed’s small size enables him to “disappear” into his surroundings. One day he just happens to be in the right place at the right time to learn of the intended invasion of Tira-Nor by GoREC, the monster of all rats, and his army of blood-thirsty rats. When he reports this information to the king of Tira-Nor, King SoSheth, JaRed’s transformation from runt to hero begins, almost in spite of himself.

The battles between the besieged mice of Tira-Nor and the army of powerful rats led by the evil GoREC engage the reader’s imagination.

Schwabauer has created a believable group of characters, who carry out a military campaign to protect their underground mouse city. Runt the Brave is more than an adventure story though, since Schwabauer has also carefully woven in the themes of good vs evil and sibling rivalry through the personal struggles of JaRed and his brother. Author, Daniel Schwabauer is currently editor of Crosswind Comics, where he develops educational materials for youth-at-risk and prison inmates. He is director of the non-profit organization-Kid’s Quest.

Readers will enjoy the light-hearted and somewhat humorous tone of this novel.
Reviewer: Debbie Lawrence



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