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2003 Electrifying Mysteries
by Sandra List & Arline Chase

Category: Fiction / Mystery
204 pages; ISBN: 1594310009

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Kathryn Lively


Short story contests are ongoing at, with anthologies available for lovers of romance, mystery, and holiday tales. One of the publisher's more recent efforts, an anthology of short thrillers, serves only to prove that original quality fiction can be found through alternative means.

2003 ELECTRIFYING MYSTERIES begins with a bang, or rather a beef. Matthew L. Schoonover's "Big Man's Beef" cautions meticulous planning of a murder, as one never knows what to expect from a detective with an eye for the minutest of details. Other standouts in this volume include Robert Legleitner's "Miles to Go," a tale of revenge concerning one town's frustration with a young, unforgiving bully; Kris Neri's "Turnabout," a chilling short about a woman who stalks her stalker, with unpleasant results for him; and a second offering from Schoonover called "Guilty Slumber," a diary-style short told through the eyes of a young girl who interprets her dreams to chilling conclusions.

For the lover of short suspense, and for the reader unbiased toward electronic literature, 2003 ELECTRIFYING MYSTERIES provides fourteen good reasons to lock your doors at night. Editors List and Chase clearly have an eye for quality fiction, one that certainly guarantees future anthologies of the same caliber.



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