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by Maria Flook

Category: Fiction / General
0 pages; ISBN: 0316000922

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Maria Flook
Little, Brown, Oct 2004, $23.95, 272 pp.
ISBN: 0316000922

Alden Warren lives year round in Cape Cod where she works at the National Park Service’s Cape Cod National Seashore Visitor Center. Her mother neglected her as a child while her father spent more time in jail than with his family. Two years ago her husband Monty vanished; everyone assumes he left either to escape Alden or found a new female. His leaving has left his spouse even more imbalanced in terms of relationships except for her birds. Even with her failure with her “loved” ones, she yearns for a child, but unbeknownst to her the state sees her as poor choice.

Alden sees a car accident, rescuing the infant child of local porn star Layla. She dreams of raising the baby who is with the state. Meanwhile landscaper Lux Davis works at fixing the shrubbery damaged by Layla’s accident. He desperately wants Alden, but makes no move because he feels guilty. While driving a school bus under the influence, he killed and buried Monty at the sight of the damage shrubbery he is fixing.

Cape Cod in many ways steals the show from a weird relationship drama in which the prime couple is just starting to come together, but ghosts especially Monty stand in their way. The story line hooks the reader mostly because of the scenery, but also whether Lux and Alden can find each other. However, while they struggle, fans will find no one affable to care what happens to them yet they will still enjoy this tale.


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