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   Star of Cursrah [Forgotten Realms]

Star of Cursrah [Forgotten Realms]
by Emery Clayton

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
320 pages; ISBN: 0786913223

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Beth Spires


Clayton Emery (Mortal Consequences, Cardmaster) writes oneof the best Forgotten Realms books published in quite some time. Part of the "Lost Empires" series, it takes place in Memnon, a port city in the edge of the Calimshan desert. Three young friends--Amber, Hakim and Reiver--activate a mystic orb and stumble across a city hidden in the sand. The ancient city of Cursrah was swallowed by the desert hundreds of years before, and no trace remains until this mystic orb is activated, revealing a city forgotten by time.

While exploring the ruins, the three awaken the city`s Protector. By means of a spell and an ancient artifact, the story of lost Cursrah unfolds, and the friends realize they are tied to the city`s past as they begin to remember previous lives. Amber feels a bond with the Protector without knowing why and vows to help. She learns the truth about the city from a tiara found on a statue bearing a strong resemblance to her. Unfortunately,the friends are captured by desert raiders and have to help themselves first.

The story moves between the lives of these friends in ancient Cursrah and the present day effortlessly. While the fate of Cursrah is known, Emery slowly unfolds the roles the three friends play. Amber and her friends must learn about their roles in the city`s past to prevent a tragedy in the present. The vivid scenery and attention to detail will keep readers glued to the pages. Fans of the Forgotten Realms books by Mel Odom or Troy Denning will enjoy.


Buy Star of Cursrah [Forgotten Realms] at
Buy Star of Cursrah [Forgotten Realms] at


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