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Bye, Bye, Love
by Virginia Swift

Category: Fiction / Mystery
0 pages; ISBN: 0060543310

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Bye, Bye, Love
Virginia Swift
Harper, Nov 2004, $24.95, 304 pp.
ISBN 0060543310

Popular pop star Nina Cruz moved from California to Wyoming where she intends to set up the Wild West Organization to support activities from animal rights to taking care of mother Earth. She intends to hold a concert to raise funds for the proposal and she persuades country superstar store Jones to perform along with many other performers who are household names. College Professor Sally Adler is thrilled when her idol Jones asks her to attend the opening act.

One day when Nina hears gunshots in her woods even though there are signs stating no hunting, she runs into the forest hoping to catch the hunter. When Nina fails to come back people look for her and find her corpse with a bullet in it. Sally thinks it would be a nice testimonial if she writes a book about Nina’s extraordinary life. On Halloween Eve, someone leave an envelope of white powder on Sally doorstep and though it isn’t anthrax a big scare occurs. A second murder happens when one of the members of Sally’s band is killed. It becomes obvious someone wants to stop Sally from gathering information about Nina but that doesn’t stop Sally from looking for a killer.

Readers get a taste of the individuals who make their position clear on social and political issues in a state where conformity is discouraged. Talented storyteller Virginia Swift provides readers into a compelling tale of love betrayed and the dark side of fame. The protagonist is an independent, charming and delightful person who tries to do what is right even when it places her in danger. BYE, BYE, LOVE is an electrifying and offbeat amateur sleuth tale.

Harriet Klausner


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