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by Owl Goingback

Category: Fiction / Horror
340 pages; ISBN: 0451202910

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Robert and Janet Patterson wanted to escape the humdrum days of living in St. Louis when they went on vacation, but also satisfy their ten-year-old daughter Krissy's desires. They go to Florida where they will camp and fish for a few days at remote Blackwater before rejoining the masses at Disneyworld.

However, the idyllic camping trip turns nasty when the evil spirit of the century and a half-dead Mansa Du Paul calls for Krissy to join him in the nearby woods. When Krissy vanishes, the Pattersons panic. The only hope to rescue their beloved daughter and to avoid following her into some sort of mystical incarceration is Indian Jimmy Cypress. Being the guardian of the black lagoon, he knows he must fight to the death the Voodoo practitioner Du Paul, but wonders if he strong is enough to kill a dead person.

EVIL WHISPERS is a hair raising, thrilling horror story that takes the audience on quite a ride. The story line never slows down as an everyday loving family finds itself battling an evil outside their ken. Jimmy is a hero willing to enter hell in order to perform his inherited duties as the guardian. Fans who relish a taut frightening chiller will want to read this tale and know that they will not be going back to King or Koontz until they read award winning Owl Goingback's previous works (see CROTA).

Harriet Klausner




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