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   Fortune`s Rocks

Fortune`s Rocks
by Anita Shreve

Category: Fiction / General
453 pages; ISBN: 0316789089

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


As the twentieth century nears, fifteen year old Olympia Biddesford accompanies her family for a summer at the beach in FORTUNE`S ROCKS, NewHampshire. Olympia meets her father`s friend Dr. John Haskell, author of a book and essays on working conditions at the New England mills. John is married and the father of three pre-teen girls and a teenage boy just younger than Olympia.

Shockingly, John and Olympia are immediately attracted to one another though she believes him to be about forty years old. He finds her youthful intelligence and energy a far cry from his cold aloof wife Catherine. Over the next few weeks, John and Olympia share a blissful though forbidden passion as he teaches her physical love. However,there can be no future for the teenager and the married with children physician even though their idyll affair leaves Olympia pregnant.

FORTUNE`S ROCK is an intriguing historical relationship drama filled with period piece paraphernalia. The story line moves quickly forward as the angst-laden affair leads to long term repercussions. The charcaters are interesting, but Olympia acts more like a late twentieth century young adult than a late nineteenth century teenager does. Sinces he is one of the prime narrators her modern maturity seems false and hurts an otherwise well written drama. Anita Shreve is a fine author, but Olympia is no Lolita.


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