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by Lori L. Anderson Publisher Xlibris

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
0 pages; ISBN: 1413446701

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


Attention fantasy fans!! Another tale by talented Lori L. Anderson that will keep you happily turning pages. A moral tale with lots of adventure, marvelous settings and subplots to satisfy all readers. Earthling Jamie MacGivens is blamed for the death of the Berloff leader as well as most of the Elosian population when his brother takes revenge. Keenu's parents are taken by the Berloff who leave behind the threat that they will be killed if Jamie does not turn herself over to them. The horrible choice faced by Jamie will affect her relationship with the on she loves, Keenu, no matter what she chooses. And Keenu who loves her is forced to accept whatever decision she makes, even though he knows it could cost his parents their lives. There are many layers to Obligation woven tightly into the fabric of the story, each relating to all. The individual's obligation to honor binds the characters together as each one searches for a way to fulfill that duty. Highly recommended as a very enjoyable way to spend some hours. Having read the first book, Pledge of Honor, reading Obligation is like visiting old friends and meeting new. I'll be looking for the next book in this series. Enjoy.



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