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Weapons Of Choice
by John Birmingham John Birmingham

Category: Fiction / Historical
434 pages; ISBN: 0345457129

Rating: 1/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Gail Cooke


Australian author John Birmingham makes his debut in the United States with not just a splash but a tidal wave. If Tom Clancy's a fav, you'll find Birmingham right up there with him when it comes to crafting action packed scenarios, volatile confrontations, and sheer drop-off suspense. Weapons Of Choice is 434 can't-put-down pages - promise!

Our saga opens on January 15, 2021, just off of East Timor. U.S. ships and are set to take down an Islamic revolutionary government claiming 17,000 islands by Allah's decree. Thanks to battalion logistics officer Lieutenant Colonel Nancy Vivani the marines have "the very best equipment other people's money could buy."

As for the ships - quite diverse, among them the USS Hillary Clinton, and with one you couldn't miss: "The Joint Research Vessel Nagoya was a purpose-built leviathan, constructed around the frame of an "eighty-thousand-tonne liquid natural gas carrier."

All set? Not quite. A military experiment goes awry, very much awry, throwing this armada back over eighty years to 1942, and where? Smack in the center of the naval task force non-stopping to Midway Atoll.

What are the 1942 seamen to think of the time travelers who suddenly appear in their midst, and how will they react to weaponry they could not even imagine? As for the fighting men of 2021 suddenly jettisoned into the past, what must they do? Perhaps even more importantly, did an enemy come with them?

The first in a planned Axis of Time trilogy, Weapons Of Choice is riveting alternate history.

- Gail Cooke



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