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The Sweetest Taboo
by Carole Matthews

Category: Fiction / Humour
328 pages; ISBN: 0060595620

Rating: 5/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Christine Louise Hohlbaum


The Sweetest Taboo by Carole Matthews is a mild roller coaster ride with a few predictable twists and turns for the reader to digest. While her plot line sustained my interest for most of the book, Ms. Matthews made the mistake of telling, not showing her readers how great her protagonist, Sadie, really was. Her slapstick antics made her character flat, not warm or someone to which readers could truly relate. We got beaten over the head with how poor Sadie was and we were to fall in love with her for her simple, uncomplicated personality. She seemed more a fool than a lover throughout the entire book.

Ms. Matthews wrote the book as if it were a screenplay. She found the right topic, just the wrong medium to convey her story. I can easily imagine Greg Kinnear as the quirky, I-must-act-or die waiter, Tavis; Mini Driver as the bumbling Sadie; Bruce Willis as the well-meaning, yet sorely misguided Gil; and Goldie Hawn as the luscious lush, Gina. I wish Carole Matthews well in her pursuits. It seems she has Hollywood pegged to a tee.


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