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   Killing The Shadows

Killing The Shadows
by Val McDermid

Category: Fiction / Crime
423 pages; ISBN: 0002261081

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


Professor Fiona Cameron is a psychologist who uses computer technology to help the police track serial offenders. After the police screwed up one of her cases, she is working in Toledo when her lover Kit Martin, a novelist, tells her a fellow novelist has been murdered.

Before long, the killer has struck repeatedly and Fiona finds herself caught up in a race to stop him and to bring both personal and professional redemption for herself.

Val McDermid's previous novel, 'A Place Of Execution' was superb. I am pleased to say that this is no exception. It is an intricate, tightly plotted and fast-paced novel, with a good deal of interesting characters and some accurate police procedural work. It mixes the world of serial killers with an insight into the publishing world and the writing of thrillers, giving it an authentic touch.

McDermid deftly plots out the novel, with locations as diverse as Toledo and the Scottish Highlands. Her writing is at times gory, at times sexual, but always an example of excellent writing. However, I felt that the ending was a bit weak, as it would have been nice to see a bit more of the serial killer in the final chapters, after all the build-up and learn more about him, and I also thought this his identity was rather unlikely. In addition, the fact that everyone found it hard to believe there was a serial killer going around when it was quite blatant started to grate a bit. These are the only real annoying points in what would otherwise be a first-rate novel.

Nevertheless, this great book will appeal to all fans of the serial killer and police procedural genre. Although there is a gore factor, you should not let this put you off as graphic violence plays only a small role in the book. Once again, McDermid has another success on her hands.


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