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Vampyre's Kiss
by Derek Paterson

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
69 pages; ISBN: 1-932207-32-5

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Vampyre's Kiss is the story of Manfred. Manfred lived in High Sazburg during the peak of the Prussian Empire. He was a simple warrior. However, one day would change his life forever. From out of nowhere a female vampyre bit him. Manfred expected the vampyre to bite him again and complete the terrible process of turning a man into an undead vampyre. These miserable immortal creatures had only one quest, the quest for blood.

However, instead of completing this transformation, the female vampyre fled. In this way, Manfred became a strange combination of man and beast. He was mortal and could be hurt by normal weapons but his strength was incredible and his senses inhumanly enhanced. This balanced wasn't easy. In order to survive, Manfred became dependent upon Dr. Schmidt to provide experimental elixirs to continue his borderline condition. Despite these potions, Manfred's need for blood became more critical as time went on. Then without warning, Manfred's life changes from that of a well respected champion of the Kaiserine to that of a criminal and wanted beast.

Vampyre's Kiss is a vampire fantasy. This short book is full of action and intrigue. There are also a number of entertaining story twists and turns. The most interesting part of this book, however, is the distinction made between living and undead vampires. Furthermore, the author makes a special point to explain in detail the specifics of turning a victim into a vampire. Evidently, the process of turning a victim into a vampire is not as cut and dry as illustrated in the movies or other novels. Moreover, the stereotypical personalities of victims in each of these stages is also vividly illustrated in this book. In this way, not all vampyres are evil and monsterlike.



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