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Dessert Bandits
by Cindy Davis

Category: Fiction / Historical
0 pages; ISBN: 1-59374-058-1

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Dessert Bandits is a historical adventure set in post-Civil War Arizona. This book is about a childhood adventure of three twelve year old boys: Jessy Johnson, Matt Beebe, and Little Turtle (LT). The adventure begins at the old abandoned Bleeker cabin. The three best friends are gathering abandoned materials from the cabin to use on their secret hideout.

Suddenly, the boys hear the sounds of two strangers coming into the cabin. Jessy, Matt, and LT hide. While in hiding, the boys overhear the strangers, Frank and Monk, discussing the robbing of the senator's stagecoach by the Dawson Gang. Evidently, Frank and Monk had double-crossed the Dawson Gang and had taken a trunk from the big heist. Eventually, the strangers bury the stolen truck under the floorboards of the old cabin.

After Frank and Monk leave the abandoned cabin, Jessy, Matt, and LT are curious about the contents of the trunk. Jessy convinces the other two boys that they should dig up the trunk and hide it in a secret place. Soon everyone is looking for the trunk: the sheriff, the senator, Frank and Monk, and the Dawson gang. Jessy, Matt, and LT are stuck in the middle and don't know whom to trust.

The name of the book stems from Jessy's reoccurring spelling difficulties. The boy just can't seem to remember the spelling differences between desert and dessert and continually mixes the two up. Thus, instead of the Desert Gang, the boys become the Dessert Gang.

This book is both enjoyable and full of adventure. Though set in the "Wild West", the reader need not have any special historical knowledge or interest in American history. The story is timeless, merely about boys being boys. The characters in this story will immediately remind you of your own childhood adventures and of days you wish you'd just walked away instead of being so curious. This book will make your heart feel young again.



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