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A Dangerous Dance
by Pauline B. Jones

Category: Fiction / Mystery
294 pages; ISBN: 1594140987

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


A Dangerous Dance
Pauline B. Jones
Five Star, Sep 2004, $26.95, 294 pp.
ISBN: 1594140987

The Louisiana state politicians all want the endorsement of Dorothy Morgann Merlinn for Governor as they know she has some influence being the only daughter of Magnus “Wizard” Merlinn though he was assassinated ten years ago. However, Dorothy has returned to the family estate Oz because she knows the time is right to learn who paid recently killed Verrol Vance to pull the trigger.

Talk radio host Remy Mistral visits Dorothy, who has never forgotten that he contemptuously wrote her off as a nothing just before and after her dad was killed. Dorothy offers Remy a proposition that she supports his run in exchange for he being the target of the assassin as she expects an attempt on anyone she might support. He agrees with the stipulation that they marry, which adds depth to her so-called support of him. As Remy runs for governor as an outside reformist with Dorothy’s support, they fall in love, but her plan works too well and both are in jeopardy from an unknown assailant.

Up front L. Frank Baum is not the killer as Pauline B. Jones pays homage to the great author’s terrific Oz novels with obvious references. The political romance story line is exciting as Dorothy knows that one of her father’s “allies” killed him, but which one. Though there a couple of twists too many, fans will appreciate this Bayou romantic suspense in which the daughter of the deceased Wizard of Oz seeks justice but finds love instead.

Harriet Klausner


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