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tricky business
by Dave Barry

Category: Fiction / Humour
320 pages; ISBN: 0-399-14924-4

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Ethel Stockton


This book is what I would expect from Dave Barry. Just like his newspaper columns, it is funny, trite, sometimes bawdy; written for the fun of it.
I enjoyed it.
The same old plot, of gambling ship, off the coast of Florida, being hi-jacked by a drug dealer. The language is 1940 gangster, the action predictable, except for two old
geezers from a rest home. I loved them.
It does have a happy ending.
If you have a free evening and you need something to take
your mind off your woes, tricky business will do it.
No. I wouldn’t recommend it to my ‘literary’ friends, but
I thought it was a fun read.



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