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The Guardians of Eternity Book 1: Rogar of Hamun
by Belinda Palmer

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
0 pages; ISBN: 1590886658

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Guardians of Eternity Book 1: Rogar of Hamun
Belinda Palmer
Wings ePress, Inc, Jun 2004, $12.95
ISBN: 1590886658

The Faerbrarean of Relga creates entire worlds including native life; these immortals send their reincarnated mortal offspring partnering with another to reside on these orbs so that they can learn the meaning of life. When the child dies, the spiritual essence returns home.

For many incarnations, Elsa of Relga and Rogar of Hamun partnered, but she always commits murder-suicide, obsessing over her unrequited love for him. When the play is repeated once again, Rogar is tired of the insanity as she is incapable of learning since she cannot control her deadly emotions.

On Relga, disgruntled Rogar encounters an unknown foe in a seemingly endless battle until his enemy exhausts him and he is defeated. Fatigued beyond anything he ever felt, Rogar stumbles to the Immortal Chavva who calls for Elesa to help heal him. Rogar recovers with new powers and a desire to have Elesa at his side. As they mate in love in Mortal Heaven, Elesa is dying, yet no one has ever died in Mortal Heaven before.

The key to this terrific reincarnation romantic fantasy is that the varying worlds, the key cast, and the scenarios seem plausible especially when the audience begins to understand the intent of the serpent in Mortal Heaven. The story line is action-packed but takes a few major twists that propel the audience to keep reading to see where Belinda Palmer is taking them; alas before the reader knows it the book is finished and a thirst for the next one will linger. This is a terrific tale that deserves sub-genre visits to the cleverly crafted Palmer Universe.

Harriet Klausner


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