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The All Animal Band
by Jim Moore (Author) & Norris Hall (Illustrator)

Category: Fiction / General
32 pages; ISBN: 0-9752619-0-8

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Norman Goldman


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Writer/musician Jim Moore and illustrator Norris Hall have concocted a deliciously musical story.

Fans of the giggling bedtimes will get a kick out of this rhythmically fun, upbeat story.
Based on the song All Animal Band, the book version will have children and adults alike, snapping fingers, setting a beat and dancing.

Willie the Squirrel, Ollie the Owl, Slick the Snake, Fredi the Frog and Dan the Dog form the world’s first and only all-animal band. Of course, Willie the Squirrel had a good model in his neighbor, the music promoter, who incidentally looks exactly like the author.

The characters are very well developed. The pace of the book follows a low rhythm followed by a high tempo. All is activity, not a minute to rest! Jim MOORE has all the animals of the forest building the band’s instruments at a furious pace. Practice makes good and at their first concert, “The All Animal Band” is “discovered” by a talent agent and become famous. (The dream of all musicians)

The illustrations by Norris HALL are simply delightful. The wide-eyed characters are happy and full of zest and are having a rollicking good time. Backgrounds are simple and textured. Colours are bright and cheerful. One can see that Norris HALL had a ball illustrating this simple tale. What’s even cleverer, he even drew the portrait of the author and his own on the book jacket.

There’s plenty to hold the interest of younger and older readers. Who knows maybe it will spur some of them into forming their own band one day!

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