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   Night In The Lonesome October

Night In The Lonesome October
by Richard Laymon

Category: Fiction / Horror
346 pages; ISBN: 0747220530

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


The death of Richard Laymon earlier this year has left a big gap in the horror world. 'Night In The Lonesome October' is the latest book to be published, and it had been finished long before his death. Luckily, some more titles have been discovered and this is not his last book, but it is certainly one of the last.

Ed Logan cannot wait for his second year at Wilmington University. He is deeply in love with Holly, and he believes that she feels the same way about him. However, when he returns after the holidays, Holly does not. Devastated, Ed goes out for a walk and meets a mystery girl….

Once again, Laymon has written a successful novel with his usual trademarks of sex, violence and a fair bit of horror too. His style has not changed in the slightest - there is little description and most of the plot of the novel takes place through the medium of dialogue. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it makes the novel move along at a rapid pace and Laymon constantly throws in surprise after surprise.

His characters vary from the mysterious to the developed and whilst he does not spend too long on characterisation, we do at least hear something of the back-story of some of the characters. The main fault with this novel is more that it descends just too much into the realms of incredulity. Too many bizarre events take place to make the novel realistic and Laymon turns Wilmington into a place where all manner of crazies seem to live.

This is not to say that it is a bad novel, far from it. Indeed, 'Night In The Lonesome October' is a very enjoyable novel and one in which Laymon has clearly drawn on his time at university. It is fast, interesting and quite graphic, especially in the sexual department. It may not be that believable, but if you want a horrific ride that you do not have to think about too much, 'Night In The Lonesome October' will suit you well. For one of his last books, this is a fitting testament to his skill as an author.


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