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The McKannah's
by Rick Magers

Category: Fiction / Historical
384 pages; ISBN: 0-9747951-1-9

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


The McKannah’s

Author: Rick Magers

Sean Brennan McKannah, orphaned in Ireland at thirteen sets sail on the Sea Duchess with Captain Patrick Olin Mullholland in the year 1793. He eventually finds himself in California where he meets Frank de Rivera Santiago. The two try their hand at trapping and then horse wrangling for Frank’s uncle, Luis. Although he is aggressive and fearless with the men of the Wild West, Sean is definitely not comfortable with the ladies. Eventually the shy and reserved Sean, pursues and marries the beautiful Issabella. Sean and his wife produce six strong willed and determined children-Broderick, Patrick, Ian, Simon, Jesse and Aleena.

The McKannah’s is the saga of one Irish lad’s journey to the Americas and the life he finds there. Adventure, excitement, challenges and tragedy all play a major role in the McKannah’s history. The story of young men that become lawyers, hoteliers, gamblers, and living legends amongst the Indians and a daughter that makes her own mark on the world. The reader will come to love the characters that author Rick Magers brings to life -each one different yet loveable. The pioneer spirit reigns supreme in this feisty family saga.

The author’s in-depth research of the period fills the book with descriptive imagery and unforgettable situations. Bandits, Indians, and scoundrels all compete for the attention of our heroes and heroines. The story leaves the reader wanting to know more about this wonderful early 19th century pioneer family.

Historical novel enthusiasts will love this book by adventure author, Rick Magers.

Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews



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