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A Visible Darkness
by Jonathon King

Category: Fiction / Mystery
0 pages; ISBN: 0-525-94714-0

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Kevin Tipple


Following up on his intense and enjoyable first novel “The Blue Edge Of Midnight,” author Jonathon King brings back his soon to be signature character Max Freeman. It has been a few months since the events depicted in the first novel but Max is still dealing with his sudden unwanted return to notoriety and unexpected consequences. Then, he gets a call from his old friend and attorney Billy Manchester. Billy who has long been trying to end Max’s self imposed isolation needs his help and knows that Max won’t refuse him.

A series of elderly women have died and the police and medical examiner’s office have concluded in each case that the women died of natural causes due to age. But a daughter of one of the women has contacted Billy and asked for his help in finding out who killed her Mother. Billy agrees that something isn’t right and with nothing more to go on than the strange coincidence that all the deceased women had recently sold their life insurance policies to investors, Max begins working the case.

However, it soon appears that something is going on and that there are links to other unsolved cases in the surrounding area. Cases that no one before had linked because of the area involved as well as an inability to see the big picture. Soon, Max is dealing with many of the members of the task force from the first book and feeling the old adrenalin surge as he chases a killer.

This book does not feature the intensity level of the first book. This might be because from page one, the reader knows exactly who the killer is by name, but not the motivation. As such, there is less intensity as the novel shifts back and forth from the killer’s point of view to Max’s and back again. This shift is not often and therefore does not serve as a distraction for the reader.

This sequel does feature all the complexity of the first novel as well as the further development of the Max Freeman character. Other character developments are also encouraged and tie in very nicely in the storyline as the novel moves forward. The ongoing professional confrontation between Hammond and Max should serve as major plot points in the coming novels.

This is another excellent read and the author has established an excellent starting point in his first two novels, which should be read in order. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a major series on the order of Sanford’s “Prey” books as one example. While not widely known despite award nominations, this is an author to definitely keep your eyes on for future novels.

Book Details:

A Visible Darkness
Jonathon King
ISBN 0-525-94714-0
April 2003



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