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Whiskey Sour
by J A Konrath

Category: Fiction / Crime
6 pages; ISBN: 1593554885

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


What a GREAT audio book! Between the parts where you nearly roll on the floor laughing and the parts where you want to be sure you have a weapon at hand just in case the serial killer pops out of the closet, I wanted to listen to the whole audio book all at the same time.

Lt. Jack (short for Jacqueline) Daniels is a Violent Crimes cop who is partnered with Herb, an overweight but loveable man. The two are on the trail of a serial killer who leaves Gingerbread Cookies as his calling card. A mutilated body of a young woman was found in the trash bin of a corner store. The killer is very careful not to leave trace evidence, thereby, making it hard for Jack and Herb to solve this crime.

Overworked, overtired and over the age of 40, Jack has her work cut out for her. Between being shot at, stalked and her live-in boyfriend leaving her, she has insomnia. She makes a vow, no more dead bodies. Alas, this is not possible. Another body is found and another Gingerbread Cookie with a note left especially for Jack. But Jack has help in the form of an ex-partner which she doesn’t want and an ex-con which gives her the lead she needs.

This is the first book I have listened to by J. A. Konrath and I plan to listen to more. Mr. Konrath has the ability to pull the listener into his story so you feel like you are right at the scene. The readers, Susie Breck and Dick Hill have the ability to make the listener feel like they are at a stage production and are actually watching what you are only listening to. I had no trouble following which character was speaking as they made each character have his or her own special inflection. Brillance Audio has packaged the six CDs in a box that is compact and without unnecessary extra packaging, thereby, making the price of the CD very reasonable. Any fan of Kinsey Millhone, Stephanie Plum or Kay Scarpetta will not want to miss a Jack Daniels’ story.



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