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Prisoner of the Iron Tower
by Sarah Ash

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
467 pages; ISBN: 055338211X

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Prisoner of the Iron Tower
Sarah Ash
Bantam, Aug 2004, $23.00, 467 pp.
ISBN: 055338211X

Because of the human blood drank by the dragon-daemon Drakhaoul that possesses him, Prince Gavril Nagarian of Azhkendir defeated the invaders led by Prince Eugene of Tielen (see LORD OF SNOW AND SHADOWS). However, to keep his soul human, Gavril rids himself of Drakhaol. The consequence of purging himself of the dragon-daemon is the loss of the power that enabled his country to vanquish the Tielen forces.

Eugene, still dreaming of uniting the entire Rossiyan people under his rule, leads a counterattack, but this time without the dragon, Gavril fails to drive back the enemy. Gavril is locked away at the remote high security Iron Tower, permanent home for the criminal crazies. The obsessed Prince now possesses five of the “tears” ripped from the giant ruby eye of the sculptured dragon that guards the entrance between two worlds. Drakhaoul returns with the uniting of the tears in the eye of the dragon being the only way to send him back to his realm, but the likely person to accomplish this deed remains locked away in a tower of lunatics.

The second tale of the Tears of Artamon trilogy is a fantastic epic fantasy that contains several strong subplots. The key element is that readers will believe the cast is real to include Drakhaoul and the seesawing emotions inundating Gavril as he goes from hero and free to despondent and prisoner. Eugene is also a delightful individual as the audience observes his fixation through the eyes of his disgruntled spouse and others, but believes he is destined to unite the principalities while human cost does not matter to him. Readers will cherish this excellent tale.

Harriet Klausner


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