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Sacred Time
by Ursula Hegi

Category: Fiction / General
6 pages; ISBN: 0743526562

Rating: 1/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


“Sacred Time” is a story spread over three generations and begins in a Bronx neighborhood. It is read by three different people. When I learned that, I was hesitant about listening to it. The first reader was male and the story was about a boy growing up in a dysfunctional family. He has to share his room with twin cousins, girls, when their father is sent to jail for stealing from his employer. The story continues with daily life and troubles of two families sharing life under one roof.

When the second reader, a female, took up the story, it jumped in years and location. The story became focused on the mother instead of continuing with the son as the first reader had. There was no warning or lead-in to this shift in the story. I was completely lost for the first half of a tape. When I finally “caught up” with what was happening, I had questions about what had happened when the first reader was reading the story. What happened to the “flying twin”? What happened to the friction between the mother and the aunt?

While this is a story that ranges over three generations, the jump from one time to another with no warning really put me off. I was no longer able to follow the story as well as I wanted. It does show what can and does happen to people and families when one decision is made over another. It shows how lives change by these decisions. Unless you are good at listening “between the lines” and like stories that jump around, I would not recommend that you listen to this tape.



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