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The Lies That Blind
by Daniel W. Schroder

Category: Fiction / Humour
113 pages; ISBN: 1418427381

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Kathryn Lively


Following the adventures of HOLLYWOOD MUST BE DESTROYED, investment bankers Tom and Mike have turned movie moguls following a successful takeover of Classic Studios, releasing quality family films to profit. Yet despite their reputation for inoffensive fare, they are still inundated with bizarre pitches (one such project is described as "Lenny meets Erin Brockovich meets Boyz N the Hood"!). Classic's intentions to stray from the new format, though, are not likely to happen.

While the movie-going public appears to have given Tom and Mike their approval through box office receipts, not everyone in Hollywood is
happy. Rival companies snicker at Classic's reversal of style, coke-fueled actors and filmmakers lamet the loss of their Classic
contracts under previous owner, Joe Bloom, and of course there *is* Joe Bloom, who is determined to gain back what he believes is rightfully his -- even at the expense of somebody's life.

Much likes it predecessor, THE LIES THAT BLIND pulls no punches on the issues of violence and gratuitous sex in entertainment, portraying an industry not entirely friendly to family values (though the recent successes of films like The Passion might nudge things a bit, who knows?). Schroder's style remains true to the previous book, flippant in a likeable way and suitable to the story's hero, Tom.


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