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Into the Prairie: The Pioneers
by Rosanne Bittner

Category: Fiction / Historical
256 pages; ISBN: 0765309807

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Into the Prairie: The Pioneers
Rosanne Bittner
Forge, Jul 2004, $23.95, 256 pp.
ISBN: 0765309807

In 1810 Ohio, middle brother Jonah Wilde decides that the family farm is not big enough for his growing family, his older brother, spouse and children, and their teenage younger sibling. He, his wife Sadie, and their three-year-old son Paul move to the Fort Wayne, Indiana Territory area planning to start their own spread in spite of increased unrest from the Indian tribes united under brilliant tactician Tecumseh.

During a skirmish, the Indians abduct Sadie and Paul. One warrior, Wingo believes Sadie is the woman he has envisioned as his squaw for years. Thinking that Jonah is dead, Sadie will do anything to keep Paul alive so she agrees to marry the Indian. To her surprise, she finds her husband is kind to her and her son and begins to fall in love with him. However, Jonah lives and searches for his wife and son. If he finds them, Sadie has a difficult dilemma to deal with as she loves both men and has Wingo’s baby growing inside her.

The third the America West tale, INTO THE PRAIRIE is a fabulous historical romance that does more than just bring to life an era although the story line clearly does do that. Sadie’s dilemma is the key extra element that makes for a fantastic tale. The support cast consists of warm fully developed protagonists regardless of natural origin, but Rosanne Bittner’s deep novel belongs to the stupendous Sadie. Readers will want to obtain the previous “Into” novels starring relatives of Jonah (see INTO THE VALLEY: THE SETTLERS and INTO THE WILDERNESS: THE LONG HUNTERS)

Harriet Klausner


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