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Spur of the Moment
by Theresa Alan

Category: Fiction / General
368 pages; ISBN: 0758204809

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Spur of the Moment
Theresa Alan
Kensington, Jul 2004, $12.95, 368 pp.
ISBN: 0758204809

In Denver, twenty-something, Ana belongs to a six person improvisation group, the Iron Pyrits. Ana likes her fellow troupe members and in many ways nurtures the others. She especially suffers from the unrequitedly love of Jason of who she met six years ago in college, but also considers Scott as a possible suitor. Ana worries about her best friend and all around nice gal Maren, who gets herself into too many abusive relationships. She encourages Chelsey (the only member not a roommate) that an interracial relationship is fine if love is the common denominator. Finally, there is Ramiro who has dad troubles so he needs a little mothering without his knowing it. This is her family, but each has decisions to make involving their future that could break up the troupe and end their friendships.

Though the story is told mostly from the perspective of Ana, the other five key players come across as real people also (not and easy chore to achieve – kudos to Theresa Alan for accomplishing this feat). The sensitivities of Ana and the uniqueness of each member of the troupe as she perceives them make for a solid character study with overtones of a family drama and chick lit tale. Though some grunge seems unnecessary, readers will appreciate this SPUR OF THE MOMENT insightful look at six fine protagonists through the eyes of awesome Ana.

Harriet Klausner


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